Marne Lucas Helps Dying Artists Cement Their Legacy


Met with the losses of her father and a number of peers in the art community, contemporary artist Marne Lucas shifted her focus from sexuality to death. Working as a death doula, she emphasizes art's importance to our humanity. Sarah speaks with Marne about her Bardo ∞ Project, where she works with dying artists to help them complete their legacy projects.

Marne Lucas is New York-based multidisciplinary artist and end-of-life doula whose investigations are at the intersection of art, feminism and health, working in conceptual overlaps: life’s energy, beauty, the body, identity, intimacy and mortality. Bardo ∞ Project, Lucas’ current social practice endeavor, explores creativity as a form of spiritual palliative care, collaborating with terminally ill artists and hospice patients.

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This episode was produced & edited by Jack Saturn, with additional production by Sarah. The music was by Samantha Jensen.

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